Paul Holmgren is an Asshole

Yeah I said it.

First, let me admit that at one time I thought Holmgren was a good GM. We had nowhere to go but up after the Clarkie debacle, so I guess that’s not saying much. But you have to admire Holmgren’s moxie with his first big move – snatching the rights to Timonen and Scott Hartnell from Nashville in return for the first-round pick he somehow fleeced out of them for Peter Forsberg. Kudos.

Homer’s been living off that trade like Clarkie was off of the Recchi trade. It’s pathetic.

In the past few seasons with Captain Dickface at the helm, we’ve been treated to the team’s worst record, the trading of the former “cornerstone players” (Homer’s words, not mine), the handing out of no move contracts like M&Ms at Halloween, the mid-season firing of not one, but TWO coaches, and a carousel of Flyers has-beens coming back home to roost.

So this site is dedicated to making life miserable for Homer until he is packing his shit into little cardboard boxes and is shown the door.